Monday, September 7, 2009

todd and kelly.

One of the constants in my life has been Kelly.  She became my best friend in fourth grade and aside from us getting a smidgen taller and cutting our bangs, nothing has changed.  Few words could actually describe our friendship.  In fact, the word "best friend" doesn't even begin to explain the relationship Kelly, myself, and our third counterpart, Sarah share.  We have been the three amigos for as long as I can remember and luckily, we still are to this day.  Kelly is sweet, gorgeous, compassionate, and dependable.  She is one of the best people I know and someone I am not only proud to be friends with, but also someone I look up to.  

I followed Kelly to the University of Kentucky, back home, and now I followed her to Erie, PA to shoot her engagement pictures with her amazing fiance, Todd.  I have also known Todd for a long time.  I met him in high school but since his arrival in Kelly's romantic life, he has been a huge part of my life.  Todd is school boy sweet, driven, and considering he proposed at the Eiffel Tower, quite the romantic.  Todd, Kelly, my husband, and I have such a unique relationship.  We are four best friends.  We travel together, pick pumpkins together, camp together, and in June 2010, we will stand together as Todd and Kelly get hitched.  

Sometimes I think that if I were to hand pick the perfect person for Kelly, he wouldn't even hold a candle to Todd.  It's so great to see your best friend fall in love...but nothing compares to watching her fall in love with someone you know was made for her.  The two of them are funny, clumsy with food, and completely loyal.  Knowing that they'll spend the rest of their lives together is amazing because all you want for your friends is happiness...and I know that's what they share.

I took these pictures in Erie, where Todd is a med student.  The trip in itself was a blast and my life had been missing a little Todd.  Since Kelly is my best friend and because I made her, Kelly was up for anything...and I think the results were perfection.  Todd found a great vintage theatre in town, by chance we found a charming old farm house, and the cherry on top was the gorgeous beach.  We had such a wonderful time touring Erie and shooting pictures...even Lexi the dog became quite the model (thank goodness she had a bang trim so we could see her face!)  Enjoy this little preview of their engagement pictures and of course, congratulations to the beautiful soon to be Mr and Mrs Fogelsong.  

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