Thursday, August 27, 2009

50, 50, 50.

My mom's side of the family has a running quote/joke: "If they weren't your family, would you still like them?"  My answer: YES.  I undoubtedly have the best family on the earth which was evident at my Aunt Karen's 50th Birthday Party.  There is no family in the world that comes together to have fun like ours.  My brothers band, Lennenfield, provided the entertainment and even though the rain moved the show indoors, we danced the night away in the basement.  Lennenfield kept us rocking all night and even had a musical cousin, Adam Braun.  The night consisted of my Uncle Roger and Mom twisting but mostly just shaking (Uncle Roger with a cigar in his mouth and my mom moving like she's one of the twins from Charley Brown), MULTIPLE people doing the worm, Aunt Karen literally lounging in her hot body shirt, Brielle and Jill putting on choreographed dances, an overflowing tip jar, and plenty of cake!!!  Sometimes I have to take a minute from my professional duties on this blog to get personal...and what's more personal than family?  Enjoy this photographic documentary I like to call, "We Remembered the Woodford."  And to all of my family, I LOVE YOU!!
PS: Check out Lennenfield at

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