Thursday, July 8, 2010


Oh my gosh.  This little guy is so adorable!  I was so thrilled to be able to take pictures of sweet little baby Evan.  He is such a cute baby with his big eyes and head full of hair.  He is so precious.  With a babe this sweet, the pictures practically take themselves.  

Enjoy this sneak peek of Evan's pictures.


  1. Thanks Sara so much for taking these great photos of our baby boy. I know I am biased but he looks adorable! We love these and cant wait to see them all!

  2. He is sooo adorable... we love him
    love you guys too
    uncle john and aunt melinda

  3. Congrats to Sara and Brian, what an adorable little guy. The photos are great, not your normal shots. I love em. I am partial to the photo with Evan sitting on Brians arm with his tiny bottom hanging down. As Sara would say "How Cute!"