Sunday, July 18, 2010

Steph is such a beautiful, wonderful person.  She lives a very healthy lifestyle and because of that she has achieved some amazing goals.  She is currently training for a fitness competition and thought that since she's in prime shape, she might as well document it.  (Let me just say, if I had 1/2 the abs Steph has, I'd be getting my picture taken too.) 

I had such a great day with Steph and her husband, Zach.  Thank goodness Zach was there because for the first time, I was completely out of my element.  (Turns out that when you don't have muscles, you don't really know the best poses to show them off.)  That's where Zach came in.  He was so helpful in giving advice to Steph during the shoot.  Steph did her part, as well.  She got a pretty good work out in while we were shooting and was also a phenomenal model...natural born.  She is in amazing shape and her smile just lights up a room.  Between the three of us, we got the job done and I'm really excited about the final product.

Congratulations to Steph for all of the dedication she's put into this sport and good luck to her at her competition.

Alright, now get ready to be jealous...

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