Monday, July 18, 2011


I've known Erin since elementary school. Together we journeyed through Jr. High as best buds and shared sleepover secrets, a common bond of Kentucky roots, the same neighborhood, and more folded-up notes than I can believe my little hand was even capable of writing...which, by the way, I still have saved in a box to this day.

Today, about 16 years (ugh!) after first meeting, I got to meet my old buddy's adorable little son and experience his cuteness through my viewfinder. I had an amazing time with Erin and her family. Together, this group gave me a fun morning of photos filled with cute baby faces and lots of laughs.

It's always incredible to catch up with old friends while telling their photo stories. Thanks to Erin and Adam for letting me capture some moments in their amazing lives. Enjoy this sneak peek.

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