Wednesday, July 6, 2011

lindsey and kyle.

Lindsey is my sweet pledge sister and Kyle is just about the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Together, Lindsey and Kyle make an amazing pair and I am so excited that these two asked us to take their wedding pictures.

But before their May 2012 nuptials, my husband and I met Lindsey and Kyle in KY for some good 'ol Bluegrass pictures.

Lindsey and Kyle picked out the most beautiful location for their engagement pictures: a horse farm and gardens which actually was the spot where Kyle popped the question. This farm was out of this world. The seemingly never-ending fields, gorgeous horses, and perfectly manicured gardens were stunning but nothing could out shine this happily-in-love couple. Lindsey and Kyle were fun, giggly, and sweet as ever. My husband and I both left this session with a big smile on our faces and good memories of a fun day with Lindsey and Kyle.

Enjoy this sneak peek of Lindsey and Kyle's engagement session.

[ My husband, the best helper in the world, holding a camera bag, the groom's beer, a flash, and a dandelion. what a guy! ]

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