Tuesday, September 27, 2011

kim and danny.

I filled my first wedding-free weekend in weeks and weeks with friends, photos, and Kentucky. From Lexington to Louisville my husband, Paul, and I drove through the city we called home for 4 years and then the city my parents called home for over 20. 

After our first stop in Lexington, Paul and I turned our car towards Louisville, friend bound, and watched the bluegrass fly past our window. Easily, I would say that Kentucky farms make up the prettiest land on earth and this quick drive was filled to the brim with my very favorite scenery. 

In Louisville awaited one of our 2012 couples, Danny and Kim. Deeper down, this couple are our friends. Danny, my husband's pledge brother, roommate, and groomsman is an awesome guy. He's funny, friendly, and loyal and our memories with Danny run deep. Kim, his sweet and beautiful bride-to-be is just the same. Together they make a perfect pair and one that I am honored and excited to photograph and watch walk down the aisle. 

Once in Louisville, we spent our day dodging rain. But despite the pesky weather, we were able to fill our day with pretty pictures and laughs: a perfect combination. 

Thanks to Kim and Danny for a great day. Enjoy your sneak peek. 

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